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The Service Basic Bundle Includes:
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Sales & CRM App

Purchasing App

Inventory App

Accounting App

Project App

HR App

5 Users

20 Employees

5GB Storage

Free Support

Extra Addons

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20 employee

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Integrate with 1
attendance machine

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General (3)

What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept payments via Visa, Master, and Sadad. We also accept payments via PayPal (you must have an account with PayPal) and bank transfers for yearly subscription. For details, please e-mail sales@rabeh.io
How to get a new invoice?
Invoice will be automatically sent to your e-mail address on every new purchase & renewals. If you have not received or have mis-placed the invoice, please e-mail us at payments@rabeh.io
Does Rabeh offer free trial, or free support?
Rabeh does not offer free support. But yes, we offer a free trial. you will be able to use our service for 15 days for free.

Support (5)

What is dedicated support?
Dedicated support is the support services offered directly by the Rabeh’s in-house team of ERP experts. These services are provided for users who need a highly responsive support system to address their support issues on priority. The dedicated support services are provided to the users as per the Service Level Agreements between them and Rabeh , which can include telephone, email, and on-site support.
Why should I sign up for Rabeh Support Plans?
Signing up for a Rabeh Support Plan ensures that you have a dedicated team of highly qualified Rabeh ERP experts on standby to attend to any issues you face with your ERP system. Our responsive and proficient technical team will spring into action and work on resolving the issues you face on priority. What’s more, unlike our competitors, we do not charge you by the number of users, but by the number of support hours you pre-order over a 12-month period. More importantly, we provide rigid and reliable time-scales for the responses and fixes you get from our support services.
What is the quality of the support service offered by Rabeh ?
Rabeh’s committed team of ERP experts offer best-in-class support services that are second to none. Rabeh Support Team is made of ERP experts that designed, developed, and continue to maintain Rabeh ERP system. Therefore, they have a thorough knowledge of the entire system and can resolve on an expedited basis any issue or fault you face with your system.
Can I make the payment after I have used the support services?
Unfortunately no. We manage a lean and agile team in order to offer you the best services at the lowest possible prices. In order to maintain a capable team full of talented individuals, we need to hire, train, and maintain the quality of our ERP experts, all of which require significant medium-term investments. We can make such investments only when we have medium-term contracts to fund such investments. That’s is why we require upfront payment from our clients.
What are the highlights of your dedicated support?
Our dedicated support services deliver world-class ERP support services. Our services include:
  • Priority support based on the severity level of the issue
  • Direct access to dedicated ERP experts and support from them
  • Response time guarantees
  • General and technical assistance with general setup,configuration,usage, troubleshooting, and general questions
  • Support for ERP system, including for updates, new releases, and multiple versions
  • Maintenance support for all releases of the system
  • Consulting assistance for new features, upgrades, patches, bug fixes, and more
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